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  In memory of Mike Plumbley: 2017. Musical raconteur, best friend, media presenter partner.
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Sunday in the Shires Every Sunday Brian and Mike get together with coffee and toast to record a live programme in the Shires featuring music from all points of the compass. 24/07/08 Podcast Playlist and Links
Carolina On Our Minds Part one of Mike and Cousin Dick's 2,500 mile musical road trip across North Carolina and Tennessee. Podcast Playlist and Links
Wind that shakes the barley Richard and Ellen live performing Latin, Celtic, English, Hewbrew and Eastern European folk songs in the shires. Podcast 1 Podcast 2 Playlist to come
Irish Mist In The Porridge Poems, music and characters on Mike's musical journey from Galway through Connemara to County Mayo. Podcast Playlist and Links
Vince Bell The music and story of Texas songwriter Vince Bell and how he rebuilt his life after a drunk driver nearly ended it. Podcast Playlist and Links
For the Roses a tribute to the late Al Grierson by his friends at the Kerrville Music Festival Podcast Playlist and Links
Songs Without Words The music of Paul Armfield and his band the Four Good Reasons on the eve of their Glastonbury Festival appearance. Podcast Playlist and Links
Folk on Tap Dave Hunter and Claire Coxwell guest night at the Nonesuch Folk Club, Bishop's Waltham. Podcast Playlist and Links
Does A Flower Forget To Bloom? Music and stories from travelling songwriter Penelope Swales from South Australia Podcast Playlist and Links
A Passion For The Blues The story of legendary blues guitarist and performer Alice Stuart Podcast Playlist and Links
In My Wandering Sense Of Time The music of Tim Hardin and extracts from his interview with Zigzag magazine in the 1970s Podcast Playlist and Links
Forever Autumn Ragamuffin Brian with music and tales of the Titanic's fateful maiden voyage from Southampton. Podcast Playlist and Links
Isle of Wight Ragamuffin Ramblers Brian and Mike and his son Robert visit the Isle of Wight.

Crossing the bar like Tennyson they sail from the mainland port of Lymington to land at Yarmouth.

Podcast Playlist and Links
Jack Williams        
Union Jack: "The Roast Beef & Collard Greens Session".
This recording is an 'Official bootleg' capturing American singwriter Jack Williams live at The Greys, Brighton
Podcast Playlist and Links
A Yorkshire Ramble Ragamuffin Brian travels North from the 'stoke woods' to Middlesborough on Teeside and then 30 miles South East to the picturesque fishing port of Whitby. Podcast Playlist and Links
The Diaries of a Wayfaring Stranger In July 2005 Ragamuffin Mike set off for a Musical Tour through Galway in Ireland. Whilst away, Ragamuffin Brian took the opportunity to browse Mike's Music Diary, and the following program was the result. Podcast PlaylistandLinks