"Songs without words"
Ragamuffin Radio presents 
Paul Armfield & the Four Good Reasons
plus Paul Armfield and Adam Kirk


Top picture Tennyson's home at Farringford CD launch (Pete Turner); Bottom pic and pictures of the band from Bush Hall gig Shepherds Bush London, May 12th, 2004 (copyright of Morgan Faulkner)
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Paul Armfield & Four Good Reasons
live reviews: 

CD Launch at the home of Tennyson
Bush Hall, London

Paul Armfield & the Four Good Reasons
will be live on the main acoustic stage at
Glastonbury Festival 2004
on Friday, June 25th check the Glastonbury Festival Website for details

Cast List

Paul Armfield: Vocals, double bass and  guitar. "I'd played in band with Adam when he was just starting on guitar, by the time we came to collaborate he was touring the world as Joan Baez's accompanyist, whenever he had time off we'd sit down together and write and record our songs. Outside of a couple of gigs supporting the likes of Kate Rusby and Stacey Earle we had no ambitions for this project other than to get together when we could just to make music. It was these early demos that caught the attention of new label 'A Town Full of Fonzies' Paul Armfield
Jake Rodriques: Ukelele, accordian, banjo, harmonica, vocals. Dapper multi-instrumentalist with his own unique solo shows and albums. Jake and JC immersed themselves in Hawaiin and Hula music for many moons. They were sidemen to Midge Ure on tours of England, Europe and Russia. Jake taught the dying George Harrison how to play the ukelele. A dry wit and a fine musician.
JC Grimshaw: guitar, dobro, mandolin and vocals. Grew up on the Isle of Wight and quickly absorbed country blues, folk, jazz, hula and developed his own personal brand of thrash skiffle in bands like the Chuff Train Stompers and the Dance Preachers alongside his sister Angelina. Three solo CDs and a wealth of experience in blues and folk festivals and gigs all over UK, Europe, America and Japan.
Trevor Smith: Drums and Percussion. "I found myself playing bass in an awful holiday camp band, the only thing that kept me sane was the drummer Trevor. Only sixteen at the time he was already pretty incredible, but after three years studying classical percussion he was unsurpassed, and has remained so in my opinion. Trevor's CV is testament to his versatility (Miracle Mile, Nick Hayward, Rockingbirds, Mark King) The most sensitive, intelligent, musical and accomplished drummer I've had the pleasure to work with." Paul Armfield
Barkley McKay: Hammond Organ, Keyboards and Guitar. Played with JC in the Chuff Train Stompers and was in Pete Hogman's Island blues bands. Pete was sideman to Sonny Boy Williamson, John Lee Hooker, Chuck Berry on UK tours before settling on the Island enriching its music scene alongside Dick Taylor,original Rolling Stone and Pretty Things guitarist. Barkley tours with the Pretty Things and also is working with Jon Langford's Chicago based projects that includes the Waco Brothers. Diamond player.
Adam Kirk: guitars and recordings. Adam Kirk stepped out on the acoustic stage at Glastonbury with Tanita Takarim. He's toured as guitarist with Sinead Lohan and a lengthy spell with Joan Baez. Between tours he collaborated with Paul Armfield and performed in Island concert halls and on the mainland. He once said "A gig is a gig and you play your heart out whether its in an Island pub or Carnegie Hall." He's played both with all his heart.
The programme is introduced by Walter Otter aka Ragamuffin Mike with soundtrack of Devil On Your Back (Songs Without Words)

"Is it a blessing or a burden let your conscience be your guide there's a devil on your back but an angel by your side"

(Devil On Your Back, Songs Without Words)

"I fell asleep surrounded by words, my pillow bursting with birds, when I awoke they had all taken flight like so many dreams that turn in the night, they were lost to the light. I knew a man with a devlish laugh like rolling stock on a railroad track, that hacking cough was the cancer's bite, like so many flames that burn too bright he was lost to the light. "

(Lost to the Light,  Songs Without Words)
Paul Armfield introduces Adam Kirk and speaks of their song collaborations between Adam's tours as Joan Baez's guitarist. Then they sing the sparkling Unfound God . . .

(Unfound God, live from Medina Theatre Isle of Wight, filmed / recorded by John Rhodes)
Paul talks about Jacques Brel (left) and his songs (live at Medina Theatre, Isle of Wight, filmed and recorded by John Rhodes) Then straight into Paul's version of a rare Jacques Brel song How Can It Be That A Man Gets Bored which has a rightful place alongside covers by David Bowie, Scott Walker and Nina Simone on the Brel tribute album Next.

(Songs Without Words and also Brel Tribute album Next)

"Welsh? Welch? We sound like muddy boots . . . this is Annabelle . . .". Paul Armfield and Adam Kirk perform Gillian Welch's Annabelle

(Annabelle live from Medina Theatre, Isle of Wight, filmed / recorded by John Rhodes)

A special introduction to one of Paul Armfield's most telling composition's A Little Something (Live from Medina Theatre filmed / recorded by John Rhodes and pictures of Adam and Paul)

Paul Armfield and Adam Kirk performing a magical version of A Little Something. When Barclay's Hammond blew the power on the last number at Bush Hall, the band went acoustic and Paul led them around the tables singing this awescome song. He ended up at his wife's table. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

(An unreleased demo that was the source of Songs Without Words)

"You turn me fifty five degrees from that angle I can plainly see all my crimes and mysogony, Trigonometry . . ."


How Trigonometry became to written (live from Medina Theatre, Isle of Wight, filmed / recorded by John Rhodes) then straight into Trigonometry (Trigonometry, Songs Without Words)


"This is a song I wrote this year Vapour Trails. . .As JC Grimshaw says another one drawn up from the well of self righteousness" (live from Medina Theatre, Isle of Wight, filmed / recorded by John Rhodes) seques into Vapour Trails (Vapour Trails, Songs Without Words) written for the dirty old river that runs from the middle of the diamond Isle of Wight to the sea.

" I want to take you down to the river and follow the source to the mouth, we'll steal a boat and follow the vapour trails south."

We end this Ragamuffin special with the credits playing out to  Song Without Words.

(Song Without Words, Songs Without Words)

Paul, Jake, JC, Trevor and Barkley have a grand time at Glastonbury 2004 "Go get 'em Gladiators . . ."

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The amazing Bush Hall gig, Shepherd's Bush, London.
Picture copyright of Morgan Faulkner