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Raggamuffin Brian travels North from the 'stoke woods to Middlesborough on Teeside and then 30 miles South East to the picturesque fishing port of Whitby. The port is the setting for part of Bram Stoker's Dracula story. It is also famous for Captain Cook and his ship the Endeavour; William Scoresby the inventor of the Crows Nest and as we will discover in this programme Captain Jack . . .

Whitby Tourism

Ragamuffin Brian discovers The Stormy Weather Boys in a local bar: Ron Angel, Steve Dawes, Richard Grainger, John Lawson, John Rennie and Mike Shorttle with two ladies Helen Pitt and Joy Rennie to maintain short order . . .

Whitby's most famous son is undoubtedly Captain Cook the master mariner and explorer. In his ship Endeavour (replica above at Whitby) discovered Australia.

Cook Museum, Whitby

The story best told in James Cook of Cleveland written by Ron Angel and sung by Helen Pitt from the album Hopes and Heroes (pic left)
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