Photograph of Al Grierson by English author of the Kerrville Kronikles Arthur Wood. Yellow roses of Texas added by Limey Mike



for the roses
Al Grierson (1948-2000)

"Al Grierson is not gone from this festival.... he's here... and he's there... lots of Al Grierson songs, tributes, stories and lots of the spirit.. There's a tribute sat night after mainstage at Threadgill." 
- Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn

Al Grierson's two CDs are available from Claudia Stevens the mother of his two daughters Hannah and Aurelia: 

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Al Grierson

Al Grierson CDS

Kerrville Folk

Listen in at Ragamuffin

Poet, songwriter, maverick and true spirit Al Grierson lost his life in a flash flood near his home in Luckenbach. He was on his way home after performing a concert to children when his truck stalled in a Texas creek.

This Ragamuffin Radio programme is an edited version of a two hour memorial concert held at the 18 day Kerrville Festival in May, 2001. It features Al Grierson's friends and compadres. They gathered together one cricket filled Midnight under a Texas moon. They sang his songs, honoured him with theirs and recalled this colourful character with the same love, humour and passion he shared with them.

Al Grierson was a "Dustbowl Don Quixote" personified. He had more songs, knew more songs than you can shake a stick at. A little of his legacy is here. There's more if you dig, hopefully you will and purchase Al Grierson's music for yourselves. Money from Al's CDs goes to help his children with their education.

The Ragamuffins
(Limey Mike and Brian, the Old Grey Silver Fox)

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