Track Twenty Four (3:41)
Titanic by Huddie Leadbetter (right) from the Edison Audio Archive circa 1921.
Ragamuffin's Brian and Mike thank Brian Ticehurst for his help. Brian's name is synonymous with the subject of the Titanic in Southampton and across the world. His collection of Titanic memorabilia is extensive and we thank him for the opportunity of viewing it.
Track Twenty Five (2:28)
Titanic Memorials, Wallacey Hartley's funeral and Rostron's grave. Music: Carrickfergus (Celtic Reflections, DOCDK109)

Captain Henry Rostron (above) and his grave at West End near Southampton (above left).
Track Twenty Six (1:45)
Program ends with music from Ian Whitcomb and the White Star Orchestra (Rhino Records)

This Ragamuffin production culled the Titanic story from two videos, James Cameron's Titanic and the 1950s A Night To Remember. Authentic Titanic music from Ian Whitcomb's definitive CD.

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