Eyewitness sketch of Titanic sinking . . .
Track Thirteen (6:37)
Titanic strikes the iceberg. Music: Alexander's Ragtime Band - Ian Whitcomb and The White Star Orchestra (Rhino Records)

Track Fourteen (2:24)
Captain Smith faces the unthinkable, the Titanic has less than two hours to stay afloat.

Track Fifteen (1:18)
The measured call to abandon ship and the sending out of the distress calls. Marconi operator Bride in the Titanic's wireless room (above)

Track Sixteen (1:19)
Carpathia to the rescue in two hours.

Track Seventeen (1:18)
God Moves On The Water - Dave Moore.

Track Eighteen (0:47)
Band sets up to play while the lifeboats are loaded.


Track Nineteen (1:10)
Band plays whilst passengers clamber into lifeboats.

Track Twenty (4:13)
Wally Hartley's final musings as the lifeboats load.

Track Twenty One (3:15)
The Irish Colleen from a collection of songs compiled by Joseph Lock.

The tune played by the Titanic's musicians was not 'Nearer to my God to Thee' but a popular lament of the day called 'Forever Autumn'.

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