Track Nine (4:51)
Wallace Hartley ponders the voyage ahead. Fred Clark, Percey Taylor, George Crins, Wallace Hartley, Ted Bralley, Jock Hume, George Woodward (right) Not in picture Roger Bricoux. Music: The White Star March - Ian Whitcomb and The White Star Orchestra (Rhino Records)

Track Ten (5:38)
Sight of Land (Gaelic Storm, Higher Octave Music OMCD 46112)

Track Eleven (3:11)
Captain Smith and Bruce Ismay converse about the Titanic's run to New York. Meanwhile the icefields are looming and the Steamship California is ahead entering the pack ice. Evans on the Californian tries to warn the Titanic but they tell him to keep out. They are busy communicating millionaire's messages to Cape Race. Music: Shine On Harvest Moon - Ian Whitcomb and the White Star Orchestra (Rhino Records)

Track Twelve (0:25)
Captain Smith leaves the bridge, Fleet and Lee look out for icebergs.

Above: Lawrence Beesley (back of picture) survivor and author of a book on Titanic sinking. Centre: Ian Whitcomb's authentic Titanic music CD and a Titanic first class bedroom. James Cameron's award winning Titanic movie right.

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