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William Scoresby (left) master mariner, Artic explorer, whaler and inventor of the crows nest, given due honour by the daring do of Whitby's Captain Jack (right); whose exploits to commemorate Scoresby by sailing to Jan Mayen Island on the Artic circle are the subject of a film starring Bob Hoskins.
William Scoresby


Freedom's Road on the quayside at Whitby

South Australia Bound from the album Hopes and Heroes sung by Helen Pitt and Steve Dawes supported by the Stormy Weather Boys. Email Steve (Tel. 01642 365416)

Cliff, Andy and Jock a Celtic instrumental band known in Whitby as Freedom's Road.
Contact: 01947 820460
who perform The Unknown Man and The Green Fields of France in this Raggamuffin Ramble

Ragamuffin Brian takes us on a trip on the North Yorkshire Steam Railway which runs through the idyllic North Yorkshire National Park.

With music from
Live Steam

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