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The 1970 Afton Pop Festival

Jimi Hendrix at Afton

30 years on, August 2000 Dick Taylor and his black Fender revive memories of the Afton Festival at Dimbola Lodge. Below 1968 Pretty Things at Godshill, Dick Taylor right.

Pop Festivals
Music from Paul Athey and SG aka Martinez (Aqui)
Dick Taylor (Pretty Things) on 1968 Festival (Vaguely Sunny Anthology)
Fire - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Judy Gascoyne on Dylan at Bembridge (Vaguely Sunny Anthology)
Lay Lady Lay - Bob Dylan (Nashville Skyline)
Diamond Wight - Keith Gore (Vaguely Sunny Anthology

Thanks to Doug Watkins, Rob Atkins, Judy Gascoyne for pictures reproduced here from Isle of Wight Rock - A Music Anthology by Vic King, Mike Plumbley and Pete Turner (1995)

Forelands Farm (above), George Harrison (right) in garden at Forelands. Dylan on seawall at Seaview Press Conference (right)

Arthur Brown (left) one of the stars at Godshill, Paul Athey (right) opened Godshill with Halycon Order now playing Spanish flamenco and Spaghetti Western music with SG (right) in Island bars . . .
Ron Turner Smith was the right hand man at the centre of the Foulk Brothers three Island Pop Festivals and we thank him and Brian Hinton for their contributions here
Jefferson Airplane at Godshill
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